The phrase web design means a lot more today than it did. The design side of creating a successful web site doesn't just mean making your web site look attractive and eye catching to your clientel.

Design also applies to the structure of the data behind your web site. It means having a well designed database and content management system that will allow you to make the changes you need to on a regular basis without having to call an expert in.

Possibly the most important part of web site design involves building in search engine visibility from the start. To get the search engine optimisation right and drive the right traffic to your web site, the design must incorporate the attributes and aspects of a web site that the search engines want to see.

HITSL have learned through experience and research that if any one of these design aspects is missing from a web site, the effectiveness and efficiency of the website can be compromised and it will not perform to expectations. Our design process looks at the web site from multiple angles. We dont just fulfill one design aspect of the web site and bolt the others on afterwards, we look at the whole picture from the start.

We currently have clients in Powys, Mid-Wales and Shropshire but can offer our services throughout Wales and the UK.